Anja Söger – Consulting services

What sets me apart

A passion for development combined with creativity and purpose

What sets my work apart

I have worked for over 20 years as an organisational consultant and trainer for organisations in the non-profit and for-profit sectors in Germany and abroad.

With my experience, my knowledge and strong commitment, I support my clients in designing bespoke and innovative strategies and developing pragmatic and creative solutions to organisational challenges.

My special skill lies in fostering cooperation and trust, analysing situations rapidly and accurately, and generating impetus for development.

Innovation and learning have to be internalised by the participants if these are to be sustainable and effective. For this reason, I pay special attention to getting the right “fit” between people and sustainable organisational processes.

One of my strengths lies in bringing all stakeholders on board and motivating them to work together constructively.

With my academic background in ethnology, business administration and Islamic studies, it is important for me to design processes that are both (organisationally and) culturally sensitive and efficient.