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Anja Söger – Consulting Services

With my experience, my knowledge and strong commitment, I support my clients in designing bespoke and innovative strategies and developing pragmatic and creative solutions to organisational challenges.

Anja Söger

What others say about me

Together with Ms Söger, we critically examined and then restructured the tasks and work methods in the team, optimising our processes along the way. The results: happy and motivated staff and improved work performance.

We got to know Ms Söger as a trainer for our course on Values-oriented Organisational Development. In the role of moderator, trainer and consultant, she draws on all aspects of her considerable expertise. Thanks to her professional experience in various cultural settings, she has a broad range of intervention tactics and methodological skills. She is able to combine these flexibly and to good effect in the given thematic and client-specific context. With her friendly and engaging manner, Ms Söger very quickly establishes a basis of trust with others and in doing so prepares the way for productive cooperation.

‘Welcome among Friends – Alliances for Young Refugees’ is a programme run by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, and the German Children and Youth Foundation. As our external facilitator, Anja Söger guided us through a complex process in a broad alliance that included many different stakeholders from a single municipality. In a short space of time, she gained the trust of all participants, obtained an overview of the situation, identified the respective key points and set about addressing these. Thanks to her careful and creative facilitation, the group kept working consistently and with motivation on key issues, formulated a vision, and developed and implemented the corresponding objectives and strategies. It was a great success! Many thanks. We look forward to working with you again.

It was a pleasure to benefit from your skills during our 2 days strategic planning workshop. You offered a well-structured frame, you kept the clock, you mediated key issues and we even managed to finalize the draft structure of the text of the strategic plan document. It was then finalized few weeks later and it is currently implemented! I appreciated your additional analysis and feedback about the dynamics in the team and the roles of team members that needed to be clarified.

Your strategic regular short sessions with the key staff in charge of the planning were an efficient way to manage and to go forward.

Thanks again!

From 2008 to 2010, Ms Anja Söger taught course modules on Islam and development cooperation for the NADEL Center for Development and Cooperation at ETH (university for science and technology) in Zurich. These courses were innovative, well-received by the postgraduate students and were rated very highly in the evaluations. For most participants, it was the first time they had heard about the potentials and advantages of working together with imams in a development cooperation setting. With reference to many practical project examples, the students learned how to develop projects themselves and how to assess their impacts and risks.

Many thanks for your support in the extremely complex process during the current period of upheaval. I found it especially commendable that you brought everybody on board.

Anja is an astounding facilitator/consultant in systemic organization, moderation and training. She brings simplicity to complex processes and issues, and has a highly professional yet client focussed ability that allows the clients space to engage fully and experience life giving moments.

Anja has definitely a unique way of connecting with both individuals and groups on the level they need, planting and nurturing the seeds for growth and support in ways that bring fulfilment and transformation. She has a gift for animating transformation and re-engineering energies and ideas. Someone l definitely would love to work with again and again.

Ms Anja Söger mentored more than 30 programme directors and management staff as part of their professional qualifications in two training courses on the topics Understanding Organisations – Facilitating Change and More Impact through Capacity Development. She did an excellent job!

In presenting this complex theme, Ms Söger demonstrated a high level of competence and an ability to provide nuanced explanations. The participants valued her most highly. Drawing on many years of practical experience, she got her message across clearly and engagingly while responding readily to the needs of the participants at all times. As a result, she was able to adapt the programme at short notice to accommodate the wishes and suggestions of the participants. The methodologically and didactically skilful forms of presentation were especially appreciated.